Downingtown, Pennsylvania Landscaping, and Hardscaping Service

Downingtown PA is a borough in Chester County with approximately 8,000 residents. The median income for a household in Downingtown is $84,100 – $100,795. Downingtown is known for being on average a wealthy community. The battle of Brandywine during the Revolutionary War was fought in the area of Downingtown before Downingtown was established.

Hardscaping, Walkways/patios, Decorative Retaining Walls, and Plantings services in Downingtown, PA

Schnatz and Rohrer Landscaping offers Hardscaping, Walkways/Patios, Decorative Retaining Walls, and Planting services to the residents of Downingtown, PA. We provide high-quality landscaping services that are unmatched in Downingtown or the surrounding area. Our dedicated team of professional landscapers are equipped with the necessary tools to get any job requested completed in a fast and efficient fashion.